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NFT Project

Fiercecrowd is a collection of 1,500 NFTs made with the purpose of creating change through providing increased access to education.

With the rise of Web3 and NFTs, Fiercecrowd intends to implement change in the real world.

Key Responsibilites

  • NFT Creation

    Hand-drawn artworks depicting 1,500 NFT designs made with a combination of 560 attributes, including over 250 hairstyles, 60 backgrounds, and 18 skin tones.

  • Social Media Design & Layout

    - Designed & curated social media content
    - Ensured all work aligns with design principles, brand guidelines & company values
    - Planning & developing social media campaigns

  • Additional Responsibilites

    - Posting content across social media accounts
    - Keeping up with social & industry trends
    - Engaging with community members & potiental investors on social platforms
    - Build relationships with community members & industry professionals



    Project Manager: Yasmine Smadi
    Year: 2022

    Fiercecrowd Website 
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