Day 131: Wedding Season

Happy New Year Everyone!!
It's a great time to be alive and I can't wait to share everything that I worked on and have been working on. The past week was crazy filled with the festivities and weddings. In fact, it's my parents wedding in a matter of 18 days and I couldn't be anymore excited! There is still lots to do and we've got family from all over the world coming for this union. It's going to be a blast! So far, I've done the invites and put together the wedding website. I've got just one thing to work on - the wedding sign.
Tbh, I'm excited to work on it as I just completed another wedding sign for a 25th Anniversary that happened over the past week. My client wanted a simple beach inspired painting/sign that would double as a piece that she could hang up at home. I personally loved the idea and jumped straight to work. My intention was to have a ocean inspired marble effect as my background and shells and corals as little elements that tie the entire piece together. 
Overall, this piece turned out beautifully and fit the aesthetic of the venue perfectly. My client loved it and was in awe when she saw it.
On that note, I can't wait to paint my parent's wedding sign!
Stay tuned for more!
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