Day 209: Art Block??

I've got a lot on my mind.... Lately, I've been have the urge to create and begin a new series but I fear my idea may not interest the region I'm in. I don't know if I'm over thinking it or if the idea isn't good enough but all of this has me questioning my intentions to create and what do I want the world to see.
As I'm writing this blog post, I'm drafting ideas for my next series and I've kinda hit a brick-wall. I remember the time I had hit my worst artist block and that resulted in one of the most beautiful series ever created - 'The Artist Block'. Probably because I was so vulnerable and dug deep to figure out what was really holding me back. I mean, I was able to pour myself on the canvas while building a story and more importantly, I got to be myself without feeling held back. I believe that time and place is a huge contributing factor to the development of any series. If I'm being completely honest, there are a few things holding me back from really pouring myself onto the canvas AND I know I shouldn't hold back so it's like what am I really afraid of?? I understand that with living in Dubai, there's quite a few restrictions and limitations as to creative expression (more in nudity). Not that I always paint or include nudity in my pieces but some of my work has partial nudity and it's tasteful. What drives me crazy is that I have the Fallen Angel painting collecting dust in my room. It's such a gorgeous piece and I won't ever get to display it anywhere because some audiences may find it offensive. My heart's all kinds of confused and I wish I had all the answers but that's not how life works so here we are....
This new series.... I hope it comes to me because I don't want to not create and share my work with the world. I just want to be Miilo again.
- Miilo
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