Day 75: Update

1 week later...
My painting is coming along and as I'm making my way through it. I can't help but think of how this piece will leave an impression considering the region I'm working in. I'm not entirely sure how the partial nudity or excessive display of skin would make my audience feel. As much as Dubai is progressive, I'm still trying to understand the limits or boundaries I can push. There's certainly more to this piece that just a body. It's a story - a masterpiece and tale of a dark angel. I like to believe that every story the audience can think of is a possibility. This gives the audience a chance to be creative than to accept my version alone.
I'm going to finish her up by tomorrow so she'll be ready for the world. To be honest, I could have finished her 3 days ago but I was procrastinating. It's weird to admit it but the only thing that makes sense to justify my procrastination is that I wanted more time. More time to absorb every aspect of this beauty.
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