Day ???: 5 Months Later...

Life is so crazy and I can't believe it's been roughly 5 months since my last blog post. During those 5 months, I was consumed by my job as we were working on the release of a new NFT project. I learned a lot about NFTs, Web3 and the market which really opened up my eyes to the possibilities of a world without borders. On another note, I started taking my health seriously and began working out. This really helped me mentally and physically to cope through everything else that was happening. Tbh, life was getting pretty overwhelming for me with the job and the lack of expression through painting. I felt as though I was being suppressed. My emotions and creativity was bottled up and there was no where to release it except through the gym and that was only an hours worth.
On the bright side, I'm now free from any obligations since I'm done with the NFT project so I have the time to dive back into my art and create content as if it's peak quarantine times with Tiktok consuming our lives.
My new goal is to create art like never before and now that I'm back at home, the place I never wanted to be, it's time to break out of the shell and leave my mark in the city of Dubai. Here's a chance for me to explore new avenues and see where my art can take me. This time 'round, I won't neglect updating my blog as I need to hold myself accountable.
Stay tuned for more - this is only the beginning!
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