Day 2: Building a Still Life🖌

Still Life is my favorite genre style of art. It is an arrangement of inanimate objects portrayed as the subject matter. I enjoy picking my objects as it helps me build a story behind the still life.

In this specific piece, I went hunting around my apartment for all the trinkets I could find, objects that I could bring alive. Each element is so important, from the fabric to each shell piece laid out. Some of the objects in the composition bare a symbolic meaning, for example; the flowers for passion, the shells and coins for good fortune, the pearl necklace for loyalty and the owl statue for wisdom.

In part 2, I’ll dive into more detail about the painting process. For the most parts, I’ve painted a flat base with acrylic and drawn over the sketch. In my recent practices, I’ve been using the grid method to lay out my sketch as loose as possible, but with a still life composition, I tend to tighten my sketches to ensure the proportions are approximate. If the proportions are off, the entire painting will be unbalanced therefore taking away the realistic appeal.

Stay tuned for part 2🖌

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Have a blessed day!
- Miilo

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