Day 179: Painting in Progress

Oh, what a day it's been! I began working on my second piece for World Art Dubai 2023 and I can say with complete confidence that we are off to a great start! It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to paint and personally, I did not want to do another piece on an animal and I wanted to keep it "simple". My intention for WAD is to showcase a variety of skill, style and themes through two paintings. In my first painting, the coral reef - which I am naming "Under The Sea" is about 85% complete. This piece is heavily detailed with color screaming at you lol. For this second piece, I decided to recreate an old painting that was never on canvas - my first mural ever done in 2020, "The Golden Skyline". Now the reason I picked this painting amongst the hundreds of pieces I've done is because it never got the love and true recognition it deserved. The only time people ever saw the mural was if they came over to my house (as this was painting on my bedroom wall). Recreating this piece will be interesting as I plan to add a bit more detail verses the original AND it is the perfect homage to the beautiful city of Dubai, my birthplace and first home. When I first developed 'The Golden Skyline', there were a lot of emotions and thoughts running through my mind. What's even crazy to think about is how I managed to finish the mural in less than 24 hours, so this recreation will be interesting in terms of how long will it take me to finish it. I predict a total of 12 hours, basically half the time it took me the first time except I will space it out during the week so I don't feel overwhelmed.
As of now, I finished painting the background. I spent about 5 hours or less working on it and it looks pretty good! Have a look for yourself -
If I spend just 6 - 7 hours between 2 days, she will be ready for the world alongside the coral reef painting which is thrilling because for the first time, I will have displayed not one but TWO pieces in one of the biggest exhibitions in Dubai!! 
Stay tuned for more!
- Miilo
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