Sipping & Painting with me🥂🖌🎨

On Sunday the 5th of December, I hosted a “Christmas Special” Sip and Paint Party at Prohibition!
It was a private party before I left for Dubai and I can’t believe I forgot to share the event on the blog (tbh, life was becoming overwhelming and I needed to take a step back to breathe). Nevertheless, the event was a beautiful success and I was surrounded by my closest friends and supporters! 
Everyone created the most amazing masterpieces while drinking mimosas lol

I’m so grateful and blessed to have friends and supporters who encourage me to continue creating and most importantly, to be able to share this gift with them! 

In the near future, I do intend to host more Sip and Paint events, so here’s to 2022!
Here’s to crushing our goals and creating the life we all deserve! I love you all so much!!

For questions and thoughts, let me know in the comments below!
Have a blessed day!
- Miilo

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