Day 82: Into the Blue

A few weeks ago, I took on a large canvas and began creating. My initial plan was to "paint what I was feeling" and naturally, I went with a blue base. I thought to myself, "What do I want to create?" and the blue reeled me in. In that moment, I knew I wanted something related to the ocean, the deep blue sea so I pulled up a few references and began loosely sketching with a marker. To be honest, this style of drawing is growing on me and I feel conflicted to leave this piece as is (maybe add a few details and touch up some areas) but I want to paint it.
I'm really excited about this piece and I love where I am with it right now. Only time will tell where I'll take it and how far I'll be along with the process. For now, I'll enjoy each moment and brush stroke because for once, in what has been a really long year, I finally feel at peace and am slowly emerging out of my shell. It's time for me to create like I was during peak COVID and that was unbelievably exciting.
- Miilo
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