Day 224: The Good Life

On the 17th of November 2019, I read a poem titled "The Good Life". This poem was a summary of a good life and I remember when I read it, I felt at ease. Today I stumbled upon the poem, saved in my gallery from 4 years ago and I'm reminded that I should stay strong no matter what happens because my strength is my greatest trait. Weird how life works because I definitely needed to read this. 
"Perseverance - that's the key
Play it out and you'll agree
The fight for right is all the might you need -
you'll see
Chart a course -
Achieve your goal -
To all about you and within your heart -
The world is better -
Before we part" 
- Dorotheos "Ted" John Cicalis
Fun Fact: This poem was written by Jake's grandfather on the 6th of September 1981. He wrote a lot of poems and pieces but out of the few that I read, this specific poem caught my attention.
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