Day 139: Life Update

Life took a real spin the past few months. Everything I thought I had planned out suddenly changed all in a moment. I'm back home in Dubai. In fact, I had received a job opportunity unlike anything I could've imagined; an offer I couldn't refuse and a new chapter to dive into. 
I accepted a job as the HEAD GRAPHIC DESIGNER at a start-up company based in Dubai called Milonis! It's been almost a month since I've been working with them and I love it! We've been working on an NFT project as our first launch. I can't divulge the information on the project yet, but in time I will share more info about it :)
Anyway, apart from getting a new job, we also moved from our old apartment. By "we", I mean my dad, Anju and myself. We've lived in that apartment since I was 4 years old. So it's been a good 17 or 18 years in that place and I honestly couldn't be any more thrilled to have moved from there. Personally, I always wanted a change of scene as the environment wasn't healthy for me. As much as my dad disagrees and hates that I will openly and admittedly say, I never really liked that apartment. It wasn't home for me and it never felt like a safe space for me to grow and learn. Unfortunately, there was a lot of trauma packed into those walls and if walls could talk, they'd be screaming bloody murder. Now that it's in the past and we're finally settling into the new house. I'm loving it because it's a fresh chance to create opportunities and memories that won't haunt me anymore!
Fast forward a few days, I also painted a new mural in my bedroom. I can't wait to share how that's turning out!


For questions and thoughts, let me know in the comments below!

Have a blessed day!

- Miilo

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We want to see that muralllll!!!

Sasha J

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