Day 167: The King is back!

I can't believe I almost forget about posting my latest update on my blog.. I am so proud to announce that 'The Only King' is back and available in Dubai!
It's been a little over two years since I took the king off the market due to personal reasons and it was a bit expensive to ship to Dubai from the US but because of the demand, I had to bring him back (only in Dubai till I can figure out international sales and shipping). It's be two days since I re-released the king and it's going steady. Currently, I am accepting preorders for the week at a discount. 
In all, I hope the king brings you all as much joy and pride as he does for me! He definitely brightens the room and is a great conversation starter.
If you'd like to purchase 'The Only King', head on over to the home page for the link! Thank you for your support and love for my art! It truly means the world to me and I feel incredibly blessed to have an amazing support system for without any of you, none of this would be possible :)
- Miilo
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