Day 156: Wedding Season contd.

The year 2023 seems to be off to a good start. In the past week alone, we celebrated a wedding, and it wasn't just any wedding but it was my parents. It was such a great week. Tons of family came down and it was quite the reunion! I'll share pictures as soon as we receive them but as far as that goes, this past week was probably the most intense week as we all know weddings can be crazy. My role in the wedding apart from being the daughter was to create a wedding sign and the center piece for the stage. I was honored that my parents wanted me to add a bit of my art to their day. 
For their wedding sign, I went with their theme colors - Sage Green, Ivory and Mustard Yellow. I kept it simple and took a bit of inspiration from the previous wedding sign I did and added hints of gold.
Apologies for the picture quality. Unfortunately, this was the only good picture I took of the sign but it still looks great! 
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