Day 1: Refresh and Restart

It's been MONTHS. FIVE months since I last posted on here and without sharing too much details, let's just say half way through 2023 things went 180. 

I honestly haven't felt this way in a very long time and I'd like to think of this period in my life as the "growing pains". Aside from all the terrible things, my goal is to focus on the good things and believe that everything happens for a reason. On the plus side, I spent the summer traveling. I went to Greece in August (first week) and then Italy in September (second week). Both trips were refreshing and quite honestly, MUCH NEEDED. Traveling really does wonders. It sets a whole new perspective and helps clear the mind. I love it so much and missed it so I'm glad I got the chance to travel this year after 10 years.
Moving on.. after September, we rolled straight into my Birthday Month which, might I add, was unbelievable. It was filled with love and chaos. I can't imagine a better set of words than those to describe October in two words.

Time really has passed and as I type, we are at the end of November. This month in all honesty was a little better than October (I know.. I can't believe I'm admitting that). I mean, I finally am getting back to being more of myself. I'm getting back to my artistic ways and working on me. It feels good and moving forward, I'm not letting anyone, anything or even myself get in my way. I'm done not committing to projects, pieces and plans. We're moving on to bigger and better things. 

To list a few great things happening or that I've been working on:
- I've been working on a few projects - can't disclose any details yet but soon you will find out!
- I started hosting painting workshops - this has been the most fun and I missed hosting workshops so I'm glad this opportunity came around when it did.
- I got to host at the Dubai Muscle Show for MedX, Raw and Revive - this was a sick event! 

I'm just grateful and blessed. I couldn't be any more grateful for every single thing, whether it's good or bad because at the end of the day, I'll always figure it out.

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