Day 33: Blank Canvas

Another day, another chance to dive into a new painting. After what felt like forever, I finally found a place to purchase canvases without breaking the bank. It's crazy how obnoxiously overpriced art supplies and products are in Dubai. Honestly, it drives me insane that most products are nearly double of what I used to pay for in Charlotte. Nevertheless, I need to get over it and keep looking for better alternatives as I navigate through my time in Dubai.

The past week I had been trying to develop an idea before I take it to the canvas. It took a long while to figure out what I really want to do and if I'm being completely honest, I'm still not 100% sure if it is what I want to see through.
I wouldn't say that what I am going through is an "Art Block" because I don't lack ideas. I mean, I love to paint people, animals and sceneries, but the tricky part is being mindful of what I am painting considering that I live in the U.A.E.
None of my paintings have an agenda apart from encouraging freedom of expression and with that being said, my goal with this new painting is to simply release all the creative energy that has been bottled up for months and pour all onto the canvas. I'm curious (a little excited and a little overwhelmed) to see where this'll take me and what I'll come up with. 
Stay tuned for the next few days!
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